sâmbătă, 21 ianuarie 2017

Cool Puzzles Apk

 Download apk from HERE.

Cool Puzzles is a nice and funny game puzzles.When first install the apk, you have to wait a little bit(depends of your internet speed) to download the images of the puzzles.When the apk start and the images are downloaded, just press START button and have fun.For now has 2 level(easy and medium). Has 4 buttons(Hint,Reset,Next and Back).When the puzzles is complete it show's a video with fireworks. Has puzzles with animals( dogs, cats, birds, squirrel, pig, horse, etc.), cars, flowers, trees, etc.It have autosave, reset,hint,next,back buttons.  It very easy to play and is FREE, GRATIS. He has not limit of age. Play and have fun and be Happy.Thank you very much to all who help me make this apk.